The Company & The People


AP & GF CO. is commited to provide its Franchisees a lucrative business and build a good relationship as a family relationship, AP & GF CO. is able to serve customers and friends with a personalized services and more assistance through honest and integrated micro-type of business and using the award winning experiences for more than 8 years in the field of Franchising providing quality products.

        Established by both partners of young entrepreuner Angelito Marcelino & Jo Ann Buenaventura in year 2000 and started as LIn-Shin Noodles & Dimsum as their flagship at Caloccan City as a restaurant.

The two partners recognized its potential in franchising the food business and explored all the aspects about franchising. Established its franchise branches in year 2002 since to date, they established more than a 100 outlets nationwide. With an overwhelming growth and succes of their flagship, they lunch several franchisable products after a year of convergence into a company.

In its overwhelming success to its flagship Lin-Shin Noodles & Dimsum has been getting its national recognition and Mr. Marcelino appeared on acclaimed t.v. program "Kumikitang Kabuhayan" of ABS-CBN & "Business Light" of ANC Channel.

With its success stories in the field of franchising the flagship of Lin-Shin Noodles & Dimsum gain its many awards and recognitions like:22nd Annual National Awards CONSUMERS QUALITY AWARDS
"Most Outstanding Food Cart (Metro Manila Category)".2005 Philippine Business Achievers Awards

Our Ten Covenants

1. Our confidence in ourselves and in God is what gives us unwavering strength to conquer our daily challenges and inspires us to find our hidden success.

2. With the free will that God has blessed us, we accept that we can be simultaneously persevering and contented with our present opportunities and still aiming to find ways to reach greater success.

3. We are holding true in our heart that God is with us when we delve into unknown situations and we trust God with every breath that we our guided by divinity on our path to success, happiness and love.

4. We believe that God rewards us with wealth far beyond that can be measured by money. Our failures make us stronger and smarter.  The next time we fail again and again, we treat failure as our best friend not our worst enemy.

5. No matter what the outcome, God teaches us what to do and what not to do to, bring us to the doorsteps of wealth and happiness, which is a life of abundance and prosperity.

6. We always work hardly and smartly so that the days of hardship are temporary and the decades of succeass & happiness are permanent.

7. In our trying times we keep comfort that God is our bridge helping us to cross these challenges, but we know with God’s compassion, He grants us success at the right time.

8. We will lead in our own right and with this, success and happiness are right around the corner just waiting for us to take that turn.

9. With God’s continued guidance and generous blessings, we trust in Him which makes the impossible as possible in our lives.

10. We keep comfort that God is with us throughout the implementation of our plan of action, inspiring us, guiding us, teaching us, and answering our prayers of a life of wealth, success, happiness and meaning.